Shennongjia forest region is located in Hubei province western border, East and Hubei province border, West and the city of Chongqing, Wushan, adjacent to Wuxi County, south of Xingshan, Badong and the Three Gorges, Fangxian, Beiyi hill and nearly Wudang, across the east longitude 109° 56 ′ --110° 58′, latitude 31° 15 ′ -31° 57′, a total area of 3253 square kilometers, administer 5 towns 3 countryside and 3 prefectural class unit, 1 provincial-level Tourism Holiday Zone, 80100 of the total population.

Shennongjia " savage" mystery whirling, golden monkey, albino animal for common people to fix eyes upon, become Hubei province foreign exchange important window and platform of.

what to eat?
what to eat?
what to eat?
what to eat?
The tourism industry is booming, the leading role is gradually emerging.



In ancient times, Shennongjia is a world of waters. 200000000 years ago in the Late Triassic, the earth had an intense orogeny......

Shennongjia "savages" Legend of the most widely circulated in China, witnessed the largest number of areas.

Shennongjia building later, go is after development construction way. In November 2, 1962, Hubei provincial Party committee issued " on the establishment of the development of Shennongjia forest region Fangxian, Xingshan two command decision ", accordingly, Xingshan county and Fangxian have set up development of Shennongjia Forest Region Command, the two command portion attached to Xingshan County, Fangxian......

  Animal kingdom   Plant kingdom   Medicine treasure  

Shennongjia medicinal plant varieties, large reserves, there are 2023 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine.



According to incomplete statistics, the world inside the area wide cloth 944, tropical, subtropical species have 546, tropical to temperate 466, sub-temperature with 489, with 309 North temperature.



Shennongjia existing 493 vertebrate species, accounting for 57.5% of total species of vertebrates in Hubei province.


Shennongjia is the Shang culture, Han culture, culture, Chu culture collection, regional folk culture resource is rich, various categories. Precious myth epic of the Han people " darkness", a beautiful lyrical ballads, blew legend story......